The Herbal Giant Investors Compensation Plan is designed with one concept in mind–simplicity for your big success!

Years of planning and formulating has resulted in a plan which at each step of the growth is designed to take you forward and upward to the materialization of your dreams and ambitions.

The plan has been designed to be simple for anyone to understand and easy for anyone to present to others.

The Herbal Giant Investors Compensation Plan is saliently characterized by its fewer levels and hurdles and lower conditions for the promotion than some other plans and less complicated titles and levels to slow one’s progress along the way.

The Herbal Giant Investors Compensation Plan initiates what will surely be a trend-setting method of compensating its successful Investors and was designed to reward you for personal sales and leadership abilities. You can begin your business immediately as a Registered member just by purchasing a Business Kit.

The Herbal Giant Investors Compensation Plan places people exactly where they should be, and reward the right kind of action. It is definitely designed for YOU!